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Family tradition and reliability – that is ZBIgniew and WANda – the Pieniak family. The name of the company becomes more close and friendly after being decoded. In 1969, just the idea of founding a totally private company seemed unreal. ZBIWAN experienced a series of taxing revolutions, building a permanent and stable position not only among sanitary-installation. Only Polish capital is engaged in our venture.


At present we are a member of an “SBS” buying group of the sanitary branch, based in Łódź as well as PSB building materials. Cooperation with these groups allows us to purchase goods of very high quality and of competitive prices compared to other companies.


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As a result of our long-term cooperation with suppliers and customers is a good “Solid payer” opinion. We offer everything from installation-sanitary items. At present we are engaged in existing in the building industry. Our offer is directed to the retail and wholesale customer. In our shops, we offer commonly installed goods of middle and higher class. We can order any product from the catalogue for the customer. We deliver free of charge in Olsztyn.


We employ 37 people and with the present unstable job market we are proud to have employers with 10 years of job tenure in our company. Our salesmen are also advisors, fitters, people who are able to give information about all types of heating systems, advantages of the sold fittings and the mode of assembly.


ZBIWAN invests in order to meet the increasing customer expectations. In May 2002 we moved to a new location at 75 Piłsudskiego street, behind STOMIL, where we  made a 200-meter exposition showroom and 1000 meter warehouse available to our customers.


People want to lead modern lives and we have been helping them to do so since 1969. We set up a bathroom showroom at 8 Kętrzyńskiego street in Olsztyn in August 2002.  We offer a wide range of bathroom accessories, sanitary fittings, cabins, bathtubs, bathroom furniture, sinks which makes it possible for us to please every, even the most particular customer.


In 2003 we started a Super Market at 8 Kętrzyńskiego street in Olsztyn. It offers all types of central heating, water, sewage, solar systems, building, electrical materials, tools, building carpentry, fire places, floor and wall panels as well as a wide variety of sanitary fittings. We do not forget about our customers from the surrounding towns. We have been located in Barczew and Lidzbark Warmiński as well as Szczytno for many years, where we have set up our branches.


These agencies offer building and electrical materials apart from sanitary installation materials. We offer professional and complex services in the range of sanitary installations, central heating (CO), gas installations as well as bathroom equipment, building materials, in all our stores. In short, you can built a house from  the foundations up top the roof with “ZBIWAN”, because in “ZBIWAN” is not only sanitary but also construction. We assure you that everyone of you will find goods that he/she is looking for, here, with the assistance of our kind and professional staff.


In order to facilitate your shopping, we would like to offer you purchase on installments. Our shops make transaction realization by credit card, possible. We offer transport including HDS..


The loyal customer card  that entitles to a 5% discount is a pleasant surprise.  You will receive it upon declaration of permanent purchases.  The minimal purchase amount is 1000zł every month.


We would like to invite you to visit our stores.



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